Senior League Softball World Series 2007
Schedule of 2007 Senior League Softball World Series
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Date   Field Region VS Region
Ebbets Southwest EMEA
5:30 PM
Connie Mack Central Canada
5:30 PM
Ebbets East District 3
8:00 PM
Connie Mack South West
8:00 PM
Ebbets West
5:30 PM
Connie Mack District 3
5:30 PM
Ebbets Canada
8:00 PM
Connie Mack EMEA
8:00 PM
8/07/2007 Ebbets South Southwest
1:00 PM
8/07/2007 Connie Mack East Central
1:00 PM
Ebbets Latin America Canada
3:30 PM
8/07/2007 Connie Mack Asia Pacific EMEA
3:30 PM
Ebbets EMEA West
5:30 PM
Connie Mack Canada District 3
5:30 PM
Ebbets Central Latin America
8:00 PM
Connie Mack Southwest Asia Pacific
8:00 PM
Ebbets Asia Pacific South
5:30 PM
Connie Mack Latin America East
5:30 PM
Ebbets District 3 Cental
8:00 PM
Connie Mack West Southwest
8:00 PM
Connie Mack B5 A5
2:00 PM
Ebbets B1 A2
5:30 PM
Connie Mack A4 B4
5:30 PM
Ebbets A1 B2
8:00 PM
Connie Mack B3 A3
8:00 PM

Connie Mack
Loser game 24 Loser game 22
Ebbets - Championship Game Winner game 22 Winner game 24
2:00 PM
Pool A
*District 3
*Latin America
Pool B
*Asia Pacific
1. Please note that all rainouts will be played the following day at 1:00 pm and 3:00pm. 2. Teams listed on the left shall occupy the first base dugout.
3. The team in the third base dugout shall call the flip of the coin.
4. All managers shall meet the Tournament Director at the Camden Yards Field for the coin toss one (1) hour prior to the game start time.

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